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Oakland County Masonry Repair Whether it’s part of your home’s fašade, your front or back steps, outside or inside, Lutz Masonry will help your home show like it was meant to. We can match and complement the brick or stone anywhere in your home.

It has been said a chimney without a cap is like a house without a roof.

Imagine how much water would come into your home during a rainstorm if you had a hole in your roof twelve inches square. Chimney flues may be even larger than that, so where does all that water go? It runs down the chimney and seeps into the bricks and mortar, settling behind the firebricks. There is little air circulation in the chimney (unless you're using it) and no sunlight, so the inside of the chimney stays wet long after the rain stops. This moisture erodes the mortar joints and weakens the brick. Add to this a freeze/thaw cycle during the cold months, and you have all the needed ingredients for a deteriorating chimney.

Take our word for it: even though you can't see the damage happening, it's there, slowly deteriorating your beautiful fireplace and chimney. This is a particularly important consideration if you have a metal firebox incorporating a metal damper and smoke shelf. All fireplace dampers made of metal are subject to this deterioration as the water mixes with creosote and mild acids are formed. Even chimneys serving woodstoves are in need of a cover.



Facades, Steps, and More.

Huge selection of brick and stone.

More the 18 years experience in the craft of masonry.

Cost-efficient and timely job performance.


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Oakland County Masonry Repair


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Oakland County Masonry Repair


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